Prize Card

Weapon can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 7 2
2 10 5
3 13 8
4 16 11
5 19 14


This card cannot be created.

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Card Result Research
All Hallows' EveScythe6 Hours
AngelValkyrie24 Hours
ArcadeBarrel Gorilla48 Hours
AshBomb1 Hour
BatChiropterang48 Hours
BearClaws24 Hours
BeautyCrypt Explorer48 Hours
BirdRaging Bird24 Hours
BlobSlime Warrior48 Hours
CamouflagePrecious Ring24 Hours
CartoonSword Prince24 Hours
CatCatapult1 Hour
ChinchillaBionic Chinchilla24 Hours
DeathScythe6 Hours
DemonPrecious Ring24 Hours
DestructionUnstoppable Force48 Hours
DogSpace Dog24 Hours
DragonDragon Cannon48 Hours
EarthSpider Mine48 Hours
ElfLegendary Hero24 Hours
EnergyPlasma Sword48 Hours
FireFlame Sword6 Hours
FishSwordfish48 Hours
FoodFruit Cake24 Hours
GolemPrecious Ring24 Hours
HammerUnstoppable Force48 Hours
HolidaysFruit Cake24 Hours
Holy WaterExcalibur24 Hours
HumanBarbarian48 Hours
InsectSpider Mine48 Hours
KnightWar God24 Hours
KnowledgeMind Control Device48 Hours
LeaderPrecious Ring24 Hours
LifeVirus48 Hours
LoveCupid's Bow48 Hours
MagicWizard Staff24 Hours
MedievalExcalibur24 Hours
MetalUnstoppable Force48 Hours
MonkeyMonkey King48 Hours
MonsterMonster Slayer48 Hours
MoonMoonflare48 Hours
MusicCursed Flute48 Hours
MythExcalibur24 Hours
PlantPlant Fatale48 Hours
PoisonPoison Dagger24 Hours
PrehistoricClub6 Hours
RadiationBomb1 Hour
RainbowLaser Sword24 Hours
ReptileTurtle Warrior48 Hours
RobotJaeger48 Hours
RodentPoisonous Porcupine48 Hours
ScienceMind Control Device48 Hours
Sci-FiDeath Ray48 Hours
SleepTranquilizer Dart48 Hours
SnakeGeneral Viper48 Hours
SpaceDeath Ray48 Hours
SpeedMasked Swordsman48 Hours
SpiritAncient Ark24 Hours
StrengthUnstoppable Force48 Hours
SunDeath Ray48 Hours
SuperheroVampire Hunter6 Hours
SwordExcalibur24 Hours
ToySquirt Gun48 Hours
TreeClub6 Hours
TridentSai24 Hours
Turkey DayCarver of Doom48 Hours
TurtleTurtle Warrior48 Hours
UndeadBone Sword24 Hours
UndergroundSpider Mine48 Hours
VampireChiropterang48 Hours
VehicleTank48 Hours
VillainThe Grater48 Hours
VoidPandora's Box48 Hours
WarSniper48 Hours
Water SerpentKraken24 Hours
WaterSquirt Gun48 Hours
WealthPrecious Ring24 Hours
WerewolfClaws24 Hours
WindChiropterang48 Hours
WingsChiropterang48 Hours
WizardWizard Staff24 Hours
WolfClaws24 Hours