Prize Card

Wind can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 8 1
2 11 4
3 14 7
4 17 10
5 20 13


This card cannot be created.

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Card Result Research
All Hallows' EveCursed Flute48 Hours
AshSandstorm48 Hours
BeautyAurora24 Hours
BirdThunderbird48 Hours
BlobPuff Hero24 Hours
CamouflageStealth Bomber24 Hours
CartoonWindmaster Eng48 Hours
ChinchillaAviator Chin24 Hours
DeathPoison1 Hour
DemonHarpy48 Hours
DestructionCyclone48 Hours
DogSpirit Wolf48 Hours
DragonPuff6 Hours
EarthSandstorm48 Hours
EnergyWindmill of Doom24 Hours
FairyAir Sprite24 Hours
FireWildfire1 Hour
FishSharkstorm48 Hours
GolemAir Elemental48 Hours
HolidaysRudolph48 Hours
HorsePegasus1 Hour
HumanPoison Cloud24 Hours
IceSnowflake24 Hours
InsectButterfly24 Hours
KnowledgeAeromancer48 Hours
LeaderWindmaster Eng48 Hours
LifeAir Elemental48 Hours
LoveCupid48 Hours
MagicGenie48 Hours
MedievalGriffin48 Hours
MetalJet Fighter1 Hour
MonkeyFlying Monkey24 Hours
MusicCursed Flute48 Hours
MythHarpy48 Hours
PoisonRadiation1 Hour
PrehistoricPterodactyl24 Hours
ReptileDeath Adder Shadow24 Hours
RodentFlying Squirrel24 Hours
SleepHypnotic Singer48 Hours
SnakeSnakes on a Jet1 Hour
SpeedCyclone48 Hours
SpiritAir Elemental48 Hours
StrengthCyclone48 Hours
SunRadiation1 Hour
SuperheroWindmaster Eng48 Hours
ToyKite24 Hours
TreeCursed Flute48 Hours
TurtleCloud Rider48 Hours
UndeadGhost1 Hour
VehicleAir Ship48 Hours
VoidCyclone48 Hours
WaterCyclone48 Hours
WealthGenie48 Hours
WeaponChiropterang48 Hours
WindCyclone48 Hours
WizardAeromancer48 Hours
WolfSpirit Wolf48 Hours