Prize Card

Wizarding School can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 3 6
2 6 9
3 9 12
4 12 15
5 15 18


This card cannot be created.

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Card Result Research
All Hallows' EveNearly Limbless Larry24 Hours
AshPhoenix6 Hours
BatMagical Soccer48 Hours
BearTransmutation24 Hours
BeautyNerdy Wizard48 Hours
BirdPhoenix6 Hours
BlobMandrake48 Hours
BoneThe Snake Lord24 Hours
CamouflageDeath's Gifts48 Hours
CartoonDeath's Gifts48 Hours
CursedCursed Will48 Hours
DeathDeath's Gifts48 Hours
DemonPixies24 Hours
DestructionPixies24 Hours
DogTransmutation24 Hours
DragonAustrian Spiketrail48 Hours
EarthMandrake48 Hours
ElfElf Servant24 Hours
EnergyPixies24 Hours
FairyPixies24 Hours
Fairy TaleDeath's Gifts48 Hours
FireAustrian Spiketrail48 Hours
FishTransmutation24 Hours
FoodChocolate Lizards48 Hours
GiantWizard Giant24 Hours
GolemWizard Giant24 Hours
HammerMagical Soccer48 Hours
HealingUnicorn Blood48 Hours
HolidaysHoney Beer24 Hours
HorseUnicorn24 Hours
HumanNerdy Wizard48 Hours
HybridHalf-blood Professor24 Hours
ImmortalityDark Soul Vessels48 Hours
InventionDark Soul Vessels48 Hours
KnightCourageous Founder48 Hours
KnowledgeNerdy Wizard48 Hours
LifeDeath's Gifts48 Hours
LoveLove Potion48 Hours
MadnessCrazy Eyed Wizard48 Hours
MagicElf Servant24 Hours
MedievalCourageous Founder48 Hours
MetalGoblin Banker24 Hours
Mind ControlCursed Will48 Hours
MonsterWraith48 Hours
MoonProfessor Werewolf48 Hours
MultiplesDark Soul Vessels48 Hours
MutationTransmutation24 Hours
MythDeath's Gifts48 Hours
PlantMandrake48 Hours
PoisonBasilisk48 Hours
PrehistoricAustrian Spiketrail48 Hours
RainbowUnicorn Blood48 Hours
ReptileBasilisk48 Hours
RodentTransmutation24 Hours
RoyaltyHalf-blood Professor24 Hours
SidekickNerdy Wizard48 Hours
SnakeThe Snake Lord24 Hours
SpiritNearly Limbless Larry24 Hours
SuperheroThe Boy Wizard48 Hours
SwordCourageous Founder48 Hours
TimeNerdy Wizard48 Hours
TreeBroomstick24 Hours
TridentNaga Queen24 Hours
Turkey DayHoney Beer24 Hours
UndeadNearly Limbless Larry24 Hours
UnderwaterTransmutation24 Hours
VampireThe Snake Lord24 Hours
VehicleBroomstick24 Hours
VillainThe Snake Lord24 Hours
VoidNearly Limbless Larry24 Hours
WaterTransmutation24 Hours
Water SerpentNaga Queen24 Hours
WealthGoblin Banker24 Hours
WerewolfProfessor Werewolf48 Hours
WingsMagical Soccer48 Hours
WizardWizard Headmaster48 Hours
WolfProfessor Werewolf48 Hours